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Poetry/ Readings/ Workshops

30 Views of a Changing World: Haiku + Photos, Finishing Line Press, December 2017

Steel Blue,” Honorable Mention, Connecting through Color Contest, The Artists Fund at Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach. July 15, 2020


Haiku + Photo, Desert Discovery Newsletter, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Summer 2020


Travelogue,” Hidden Waters Press: Spotlight, March 15, 2020


Bones,” Narrative Northeast, October, 2020


Street Folk,” Writers Resist, September 19, 2019


Still Life with You Gone,” One, Issue 7, Jacar Press, September 9, 2018


Bad News,” Writers Resist, August 23, 2018


“Wake Dance,” Gold Man Review, Issue 7, 2018


Darwin’s Garden,” The Rising Phoenix Review, February 22, 2017


In Japan: 5 Anti-Selfies” (photos, haiku and introduction), Cargo Literary, February 15, 2017


 “Blue Cut Blues,” The Rising Phoenix Review, February 13, 2017


For a Catfish (After Fukushima),” Honorable Mention, Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest 2016, Honorable Mention, Tom Howard


“Cracking the Code,” unrhymed poetry category runner up, Writer’s Digest Magazine for their Annual Writing Competition (6,000 total entrants for 50 awards), December 2016


Birthday Wish,” Competition Prizewinner, Blackwater International Poetry Festival, Ireland, March 2016; poster-size version of poem was printed and displayed in County Cork towns at Blackwater International Poetry Festival, July 2016


In addition, numerous other poems were published in the blog for “On Being with Krista Tippett,” and in Spectrum, Arrow, the American College Poetry Anthology and Orbis from 1981-2012

Recorded for website (in-person reading cancelled due to Covid), Third Street Writers Beach Reads: Adrift Launch, Summer 2020


Two poems, Orion in the Wilderness, Portal, Arizona, March 12, 2020


Laguna Beach Books, Third Street Writers Beach Reads: Paradise Launch, May, 2019 (broadcast on KXFM Laguna Beach)


“Sunlight Path,” reading for Friends of the Library annual meeting, fall 2019


The Best Thing,” reading for Third Street Writers at LCAD Gallery, Spring 2018


Sunlight Path,” First Prize from Laguna Beach Arts Commission and Lit Laguna, published in The Laguna Beach Anthology of Poetry & Short Fiction, Summer 2018, reading at Suzi Q Center, Laguna Beach


Women on Word,” Poetry and Prose at Protest #45 exhibit, B.C. Space Gallery, Laguna Beach, July 2017

“Travel Tips, “No Extra Words,” podcast, Episode 43, April 2016


Laguna Beach Library Poetry Contest readings, Spring 2011, 2014 and 2015


Various open mic & private readings, 2011-2020

“Firstborn,” Third Street Writers, Beach Reads: Adrift, Summer, 2020


“Latched,” Third Street Writers, Beach Reads: Paradise, Summer, 2019


Sunlight Path,” First Prize from Laguna Beach Arts Commission and Lit Laguna, published in The Laguna Beach Anthology of Poetry & Short Fiction, Summer 2018


Four haiku, Eclipse Moon, 2017 Southern California Haiku Study Group Anthology


“Tree Trilogy for Anne,” Adult, First Place, Winds of Change: Laguna Beach Library 17th Annual Poetry Contest, 2015


“Sense Memories: Ohio, Summer,” Adult, First Place, La Vida Poetica: Laguna Beach Library Winning Poems, 16th Annual Poetry Contest, 2014


“Southern California Saint,” Adult, First Place, The World in Words: Laguna Beach Library 13th Annual Poetry Contest, 2011


“This House,” Adult, Second Place, Laguna Beach Library Winning Poems, 6th Annual Poetry Contest, 2004

“Writing through the Senses,” presentation and brainstorming talk for Third Street Writers workshop, October, 2018


Poetry writing workshop at “Wine and Words” Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Fundraiser, May, 2019


Led three “Om of Writing” workshops for National Poetry Month, Laguna Beach Public Library, April 2018


Created & presented Mind’s Eye Marketing Workshop for small business owners at Buy Hand, Laguna Beach, with local photographer Mary Hurlbut, January 2013


Volunteer mentor to high school girls for Write Girl Los Angeles September-May, 2013





Workshops & Presentations

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